SAVE was launched in to oppose an approved open cast mine in an ecologically sensitive wetland.  The legal battle against Sasol resulted in the approval being overturned.

2008-2009: Court Orders against the Emfuleni Council to stop pollution of the River from waste-water works. SAVE obtained various High Court Orders against the Emfuleni  Local Municipality, inter alia:

  • an interdict restraining the Municipalities from allowing raw sewage to enter the Vaal River;
  • a mandamus compelling the Emfuleni Municipality to maintain its pump stations properly;
  • a mandamus compelling the Emfuleni Municipality to comply with the relevant general standards applicable to waste water discharged into the Vaal River;
  • an order compelling the Emfuleni Municipality to remove dead fish and birds from the water and banks of the Vaal River.

The Emfuleni Municipality is currently in contempt of several of these Court orders and statistics are awaited to take action against this Municipality in this regard.

2011: Overturning the sale of the Eligwa property in Vanderbijlpark by the Emfuleni Council to a private developer. This property is one of the few areas on this section of the Vaal River that is open to the general public.