The River Property & Safety Association (RPSA) is a non-profit organisation which acts in the interests River property owners who are paid-up members. The Association’s mandate stretches from the Letabo Weir through to the Barrage including Loch Vaal. All River property owners, including individual shareholders in share block companies, sectional title units and boating clubs are encouraged to join the Association.
The RPSA’s committee members work in defined portfolios to meet the Association’s aims in the areas of:
  • Property Development
    The Association objects to those property developments which do not meet its criteria and would destroy the ambience of the River and sensitive ecologies. It must, however, be stated that the Association is not opposed to property development in general, but it is opposed to those planned developments which would impact adversely on the ecological structure and ambience of the River.
  • Safety on the River 
    The Association encourages safe boating and supports legislation and policing that aim to promote safety on the River.
  • Preserving Property Valuations
    The Association is committed to the prevention of irresponsible activities by industry, mining and Government authorities which could impact negatively on the valuation of properties along the banks of the River.
  • Environmental issues
    The Association aims to foster ecological awareness and conservation of fauna,flora and birdlife in and around the River and its tributaries and supports legislation aimed at the protection of the environment. Environmental issues relating to the Vaal River are, in the main, addressed in association with SAVE.
  • Legislative issues
    River Property owners are significant contributors to the coffers of local councils. The RPSA aims to ensure that local councils accept responsibility and accountability for their actions which impact on River property owners. 
  • Safety and Security 
    Create an awareness of safety and security issues with river property owners and maintain open channels of communication with the SAPS.
  • Communication with River property owners
    The RPSA newsletter is published quarterly and provides a fund of information to River property owners about activities that could impact on them and their properties.

Successes have included prevention of numerous irresponsible property developments along the banks of the VaalRiver, encouraging compliance with the terms of the Inland Water Act and communication of the statutes contained in this Act to boat owners on the Vaal River, fostering ecological awareness and conservation of the flora and birdlife