SAVE had 6 high court orders against ELM dating ack to 2008. Some of these orders were
specific incidents of sewage spillage and were dealt with by ELM.

February 2018
stated that ELM had to stop pollution of the Vaal River from its waste water system.
The strongest order received to date.

May 2019
Court order joining Ministers and Provincial authorities to ELM 2018 court.

February 2021
SAHRC issues damning report against Efmuleni for human rights issues re sewage.

5th May 2021
Joins SAVE in court action.

June 2021
Section 63 implemented.

October 2021
RW appointed as implementing agent for Section 63. Appointment for 3 years.

August 2022
New MM joined to court order

28 June 2023
Court Order by consent via the case management process.

Affidavits received from authorities in terms of this court order did not meet requirements
in terms of timelines and funding.

January 2024
Case management process re-instituted. DWS to respond by 11 March.
Response received under review by legal team.

Civil litigation documents run into thousands of pages in affidavits, annexures of evidence,
answering affidavits. Significant progress has been made.

March 2024
Reply from respondents from requests sent via our legal team, received full work in progress
report compiled by rand water, Legal team is analyzing the documents to see it they meet
the requirements and will advise on away forward.